Christos Christoforidis & Co has been mining, processing and trading marble since 2004. Komnina Nestou, Greece, where its quarries are located, are famous for their natural resources in white and silver marble.

The ongoing mission of the company is to meet its clients’ needs for high quality products around the world by mining and trading the renowned Nestos marble. Taking into consideration the strong competition of the industry within a global market, the company pays much attention to the product development and mining methods, thoroughly inspecting and analysing raw materials.

Partnerships with countries of high standards, such as United Arab Emirates, China, Jordan, USA, Cyprus, Korea and Indonesia, has impelled the company to an extensive search on how to offer services and products of high quality for maximum customer satisfaction and retention.


Our company contributes to the ecological restoration of the location of the quarries and makes every possible effort to minimize the environmental damage during mining operations. Using new generation equipment we are able to achieve maximum product quality with minimum risk. In order to do that, our company conducts continuous and detailed controls.